Since 2013, we’ve been innovating at the intersection of publishing, advertising and retail.

The backstory.

In 2010, founder, Diana Campbell, returned to Australia after a 5 year stint in London. Out-of-the-loop about where the noteworthy independent fashion and design stores were, she turned to design blogs and magazines, and did her best to search for products. As a digital producer, she was struck by the inadequacy of magazines and blogs for product research. She decided to do something about it.
The Third Row started life in 2013 as an aggregate shopping website where shoppers could search for products from independent brands recently mentioned in the media. Over time, we discovered the greater opportunity was developing magazine-branded shopping search.
Once we started working with publishers we discovered an industry desperately in need of better advertising options that delivered value for publishers, brands and audiences, and that properly exploited the possibilities of technology.
While digital is our first language, like publishers, we’re content people first and foremost. We believe that publishers have the power to help us buy better, but that they need better ways of working with brands in order to thrive in an environment being disrupted by technology.